I come from Milano and I live in Finland, so, in a sense, VAGUE is the perfect intertwining of two significant elements from these cultures; I grew up in a city where luxury is the norm, and I live in a city where cheap garments are easily found, forgotten, lying around somewhere.

The only freebie commoners like me would get during Fashion Week (Milano is one of The Big Four fashion cities) were old Vogue magazines, occasionally handed by the side of the road by pretty models hardly balancing themselves on their 12cm stilettos.

I was about 11, and I was SOLD! Sold to the heels, sold to the drinks on the beach, sold to the soirees at La Scala, and sold to the excruciatingly tiny portions of perfectly staged food. I admired above all the perfectionism, the care that Vogue put into everything that was to be showcased; nothing is ever good enough for Vogue, until it’s just pitch perfect. Vogue is not a fashion magazine; Vogue is a lifestyle. It extends from fashion to travel and from interior décor to art. While 11 years old me believed that the Vogue life was just around the corner, 29 years old me is very sceptical that that’s ever going to happen; and having to deal with buying the cheap derivatives, the waste of higher mind’s creativity  is a metaphorical stab in the heart.



Luckily, however, I live in Finland, and here there is abundance of used, unique garments which come at a very little price; and if we believe Iris Apfel, if really the process of finding the articles we’re going to wear is more fun than actually wearing them, then Finnish flea markets are just an endless style-themed treasure hunt! Flea markets allow you to have a properly original and unstandardized fashion persona. That’s how VAGUE was born.

VAGUE loves fashion, only it refuses to enter the everlasting vicious circle the fashion field fell for. Living the VAGUE life means that the lack of money doesn’t impair your possibility of dressing well, eating well and attend cultural events. Every photoshoot and fashion spread has a hidden meaning in VAGUE. I don’t choose the garments because they’re pretty; I choose them because they are unique, and they can, in their own, happy and carefree way, tell sad stories, too.

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