Would you take me more seriously 

If I dressed more seriously? 

Being a practicing artist is hard enough without the general public thinking that we do “nothing” or that we do something that, at the end of the day, anyone can do. The constant jokes about “my 3 years old niece would do better” while looking at a Miro’ are not only ignorant, they’re deprecative of a serious profession.

Art practice requires, if anything, even more will and determination than  being a banker, being the banker a respected and recognised profession. They put on their suit, polish their patent leather shoes, and get on to have a perfectly , ordinarily boring day, and yet, they get the right to be appreciated for what they do . What would take it for us, to be taken more seriously? Should we also wear business attire?

Wouldn’t that be boring though? Why can’t the general public actually respect  artists? What’s so difficult about that?

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