Tales lie

Where's my happy ending?

As many others before us, this time we also draw our inspiration from fables and tales of a time long gone. But because we millennials above all know that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune do not normally spare princesses from a poverty stricken future,  we look at fables with that pinch of cynicism which makes us less naïve and attractive maybe, but definitely more conscious.

As sons and daughters of baby-boomers, the ones who lived in an extremely favourable era under the economic point of view (and who spoiled it for us all, to tell the whole story), we got stripped of the happy-ending which was promised, or at least foretold, at the beginning of our lives. BUT. Has there ever really been a promised happy ending? If anyone promises to give you a happy ending, do not believe them. Happy ending comes from within, there isn’t any “and they lived happily ever after” without sweat and tears.

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