Very 80's 

Scavenging & survival

Cuts to education, cuts to culture, cuts to Art; there seems to be no space for culture anymore in this world. Artists in Finland are in between the least paid professionals (circa 1500€ of average salary against the national average of 3300€).

And with salaries lower than those of the dishwashers(believe me here, I was earning more as a dishwasher than as an artist)how are we  even supposed to live? How does the general public expect to be fed high quality artistic work when most of the artists can barely survive?

Being creative beings, however, we can see beauty where the rest of the people see rubbish. There is a huge quantity of forgotten 80’s garments around Finland, and, although it is to be expected by the laws of fickle trending that eventually they’d make a comeback, right now they’re forgotten and abandoned and sold for nothing.

This photoshoot is an hommage to rubbish, to the non having the right equipment and still trying.

Because you only fail if you do nothing. 

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