Spring is a Mental State 

Seasonal variations in prints and patterns



We all warm up to the idea of a new spring coming. The garrulous birds chirping away cheerfully; the trees dressing up in emerald, the sky wearing the lovely azure attire which delights the onlookers. And more than that: the long awaited seasonal wardrobe change. Gone are the dozens of shades of grey, gone is black, gone are the omnipresent oxford, prussian and yale blues; we’re all ready for those effervescent hot and deep pinks; the 
good-natured tangerines and the enthusiastic harlequin and shamrock greens. 
After a long, dark and silent winter we’re rewarded with the buoyancy of the much anticipated spring. 

Be careful though, because high expectations open the door for a greater disappointment should they remain unattended! For lonely and depressed people, who postponed life during winter foreseeing spring to be better, to be happier, to be livelier, to be the time of their lives, spring can be the setback bringing on disaster. Broken expectations, crushed dreams, a sense of overwhelming failure - surprisingly the spring-summer season is the peak for suicide rates worldwide. It’s acceptable to be depressed when the world outside is dead; it is unbearable to remain morose during a jubilant landscape renaissance.

Next spring, don’t go on with seasonal wardrobe change all by yourself; call that friend who doesn’t know many people, that acquaintance who just moved to town; that person who’s always sitting alone at your favourite cafeteria and invite them in; you might not be the only one getting something out of such a situation.

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