Not quite there yet 

Fight before you rot

Accessories spice up an otherwise basic outfit. We all love them  and we all need to use them wisely. Historically, as women, we often had to make do with what we were given.

Collectively, we had to unite and fight to see our basic rights respected. Lots has been done, but we’re not quite there yet. The glass ceiling has not been broken, equal pay is still a mirage and even here, in the more liberal - more advanced Scandinavia we still have to hassle to be recognised as competent professionals. But we can’t wait, we can’t stop fighting and we can’t relax - penalty being, being forgotten and rot in our graves.

There is no need to embark in huge fights or to take up arms - little, thoughtful  daily actions are enough, if we all decide to do it. The fight for equality is like  finding the right accessory; a constant, daily action which will erode obsolete societal beliefs.

Fight before it’s too late. Fight for yorself, for your daughters, and also for ll those women who don’t enjoy as much freedom as we do.

Fight unconventionally, fight effortlessly. But just fight.


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