Switch to eco-friendly.

Use veggies instead of women for porn.

I started working on this piece without even knowing precisely what would I have done, without even knowing what porn was all about, but as curious as I am, I thought if porn is so huge, it’s definitely worth look into.

So, that’s what I did, I dwelled into the secrecy of the most intimate act, which paradoxically is paraded everywhere on the internet, thanks to anonymity.

I saw movies, read stories, browsed discussion forums and asked random strangers, and two things really stood out to me: the way women are represented, as lustful, perfect pieces of meat and the way people would use just about anything to get pleasure, kitchen utensils and vegetables included.


In this era of cost cutting and time optimization, I thought, paying women to be humiliated seems superfluous; I therefore suggest all porn producers to stop using women as cavities and switch to eco-friendly holes; potatoes and pumpkins look really pretty, and retain an apparently pleasant texture and consistency, and are moreover cheap and readily available in every supermarket.

Of course in alternative they could start writing decent scripts, but that’s not going to happen anytime soon, because as usual, old habits are hard to kill.


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